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Learn more about the sport from our books on racing pigeons. Racing Pigeon Digest has several books on the care and housing of racing pigeons.

Collections of articles from the Belgian Duif Publication  
De Duif Chronicles Vol 1   $64.00
De Duif Chronicles Vol 1   $64.00
Special - Vol 1 and Vol 2    $89.00
A Veterinary Approach to Pigeon Health by Dr. David Marx, DVM       
An American veterinarian discusses all aspects of pigeon racing, not just sicknesses and their treatments.
The New Winning by Jim Wiley                                                                   
The original “Winning” was a best selling American racing pigeon book and now two decades later,
Wiley has revised and updated his book.
Pigeon Racing Analytics:  Winning with Data by Dave Gehrke
An educator utilizes 13 years of data collection, analysis and testing to show the serious racing homer enthusiast how to use hard data instead of guesswork and questionable theories for breeding, managing and  selecting your racers.
Pigeon City by Dr. Leon C. Whitney                                                           
Dr. Whitney won a national juvenile fiction award for his story about young boys racing their pigeons.  A perfect book to donate to your local library so that kids will learn about the sport we all enjoy.


Road to Breeding World Class Pigeons by Fahy Robinson                       
How successful flyer and breeder Fahy Robinson developed a family of Successful futurity flyers


Digest Bound Volume Prices                       
Vol 1   $25
Vol 2   $25
Vol 3   $30
Vol 4   $35
Vol 5   $35
Vol 6   $40
Vol 7   $50
Vol 8   $50

All books are available in both hardback and paperback. All prices include shipping and handling.

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