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Stay abreast of the world of racing pigeons with a subscription to Racing Pigeon Digest. Our publication covers everything about racing homing pigeons. We also sell books about racing pigeons.

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About The Sport

The sport of racing pigeons has evolved from the ancient hobby of keeping homing pigeons. For centuries, pigeons have been used as message carriers by nobility, armies, and businessmen, and have been variously called: Messenger Pigeons, Carrier Pigeons, and Homing Antwerps.

In the early 1800s, competitions were organized in Belgium, usually regarded as birthplace of the sport of racing pigeons.

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Tracing A Lost Pigeon

Racing Pigeons have a metal or plastic band which contains the information needed to trace the owner.

The Band will have information such as:  IF 11 GOT 342, or AU 11 GOT 342 or CU 11 GOT 342

IF, AU or CU refer to the national organization that the pigeon is registered with.  

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How To Subscribe

The Racing Pigeon Digest is Published twice monthly from November thru April, then monthly from May thru October.

Subscription rates for US subscribers delivered by 2nd Class mail is $44 per year and $105 for first class mail;

Canadian rate is $75 US and

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