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Pigeon Racing National Magazine Subscriptions

Don't miss a single issue of the #1 magazine for pigeon racing afficionados! Subscribe today to Racing Pigeon Digest.

The Racing Pigeon Digest is published 20 times a year (twice a month except for June, July, August and September when there is only one issue each of those months), in Emigrant, MT.


Subscription rates in US Dollars  
6 month subscription U.S. (10 issues) $27.00
1 year regular subscription U.S. (20 issues) $47.00
1st class U.S. $110.00
Canadian Sub Regular $75.00
Canadian Sub First Class $120.00
Mexico $125.00
Europe Airmail $220.00
Europe Surface $140.00
All other areas Airmail $250.00
All other areas Surface $160.00

*You cannot subscribe online -- please call or write to us to subscribe. For Credit Card orders, there is a cc processing fee of $2.00



Back Issues and Reprints

Back issues, if available, are for sale for $10.00 for one and $5 for each additional issue in the same order.

Mail subscription requests to:
Racing Pigeon Digest
PO Box 300
Emigrant, MT 59027

You can also send us a message via E-mail



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