General Rules for All Digest Awards

  1. The Digest North American Ace Pigeon and Ace Loft Awards are open to all American and Canadian racing pigeon fanciers -- subscribers and nonsubscribers are eligible.

  2. There are six divisions, based on average birdage in the races submitted. The divisions are:
    Division 1: 2001 birds or more                Division 4: 301 to 500 birds
    Division 2: 1001 to 2000 birds                Division 5: 151 to 300 birds
    Division 3: 501 to 1000 birds                  Division 6: 150 birds or less

  3. Distances used are based on the individual’s loft survey, not the designation of the race distance by the club, combine or other competing organization. All survey decimals will be rounded up. For example, 199.143 miles will be considered 200 miles.

  4. A “recognized position” is defined as a race position in the top five percent of the total number of birds competing from all lofts in a race. Fractions will be rounded up to the next position. For example, if five percent is 13.2 positions for the race, 14 positions will be recognized.

  5. If there is a clocking limit, or if it is obvious from all results that an informal clocking limit is in effect, the results will be considered to only be accurate until the first loft reaches the clocking limit. When one or more lofts have reached the clocking limit before the applicant’s pigeons, rather than disqualify the applicant’s bird, it will be presumed that one-half of the pigeons shipped by the superior lofts were clocked before the applicant’s race sheet position, and the applicant’s birds will be lowered accordingly. If the bird is still in the top five percent, it will be considered. For example: If a bird is sixth in a race with a two bird clocking limit, but only one loft shipping 17 birds reaches the clocking limit before the applicant’s bird, then 6 additional birds not clocked from the better loft will be added to the sixth position and the applicant bird will be computed at the 12th position. Although this may seem unfair, it is unfair to allow a local, anti-competition rule to give an advantage to some birds over birds which must compete in true full competition, winning their positions on merit, without a man-made rule designed to falsely elevate their positions.

  6. With one exception, all races submitted for each division application must be from the same organization. You may not mix results from different clubs or include a mixed combination of club and combine results. If section results are submitted, then all results must be for that same section. However, it is not necessary for combine results to have been flown from the same club, i.e., combine results can be submitted even if the applicant’s positions were earned with two teams flown in different clubs, BUT the loft name must be the same in each club. The “exception” that all results be from the same organization is that one special race is allowed for any application; however, if the birdage in the special races exceeds the Division average birdage of the regular races submitted, the birdage from the special race will be limited to the highest birdage within the division. The bird must be in the top 5 percent of the reduced birdage. A regularly scheduled, average speed race in another club or combine is not a special race. Examples of special races are futurity, derby, bond, state or regional races.

  7. Birds and lofts can be entered in multiple divisions, but once a bird or loft places in a higher division class, it is not eligible for that same Distance Class in lower divisions.

  8. An application can be submitted by the flyer or breeder or by a club/combine official on behalf of the bird or loft. Secretaries are urged to send in applications for deserving members or their birds, so they can receive the credit that they have earned and is due their accomplishments.

  9. RACE RESULTS MUST BE ATHCHED TO ENTRY FORM. Legible copies of race results must be submitted with EACH application, with each position highlighted or otherwise identified. Faxed and e-mailed results are allowed. Do not send diplomas. Race results should show the name of the competing organizations, the number of birds shipped by the organization, the survey distances flown by individual birds and/or lofts, and all positions won by birds in the race. If this information is not provided on the race sheet, a certification of the information by the race secretary is permissible.

  10. All races must be flown during the calendar year submitted.

  11. There must be a minimum of 5 lofts in a race for that race to be eligible for consideration for Digest awards.

  12. Applications completed incorrectly or improperly, or postmarked after the deadline date, or received more than two weeks after the deadline date (though properly postmarked before the deadline) are subject to disqualification; however, the Digest may allow a supplementation if it may cure an error.

  13. The deadline for applying for Digest awards is Dec. 31.  The address to mail your application is PO Box 300, Emigrant, MT 59027. The results will be published in the April 1st Breeder’s Edition of the following year in the Racing Pigeon Digest.
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